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Where to Eat in Galle Fort

Walking around Galle Fort in 2017 we are completely spoilt for choice. With a vibrant array of unique shops & restaurants around every cobbled corner, more places have sprung up in the past few years than ever before – so much so the guidebooks simply can’t keep up. With the Fort becoming an ever stylish, cultural destination for jet-setters and locals alike, dining (and…

Owl & Pussycat Hotel in Galle: Q&A with Reita

A completely unique concept amongst the many hotels in Sri Lanka, since launching at the beginning of July 2016, Owl & Pussycat Hotel & Restaurant not only grasps a real sense of idiosyncratic international appeal but has fast become the place to stay for comfort, vibrancy and luxury. With owls & pussycats around every corner; from perky cuddly toy mascots welcoming you on the bed to…

Photo Diary: Galle Fish Market

Close to Galle Fort there is a lively, local fish market along the coast, bustling daily with the freshest maalu (‘fish’ in Sinhala) direct from the waters of the Indian Ocean. You will see locals crowding and haggling over the catch of the day as they are literally offloaded on site; encompassing a real essence of unadulterated Sri Lankan life.