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Thotalagala Tea Bungalow in Haputale

Along the winding roads of Sri Lanka’s hill country through the nearby town of Haputale lies Thotalagala, a stylishly refurbished bungalow owned by the Thomas Lipton Dambatenne tea estate. I was delighted to be invited for a 2 night stay to experience the bungalow and nearby sights, including a visit to Lipton’s Seat, champagne breakfast, high tea and to Dambatenne tea factory itself; one of the…

32 Hours in Ella: 98 Acres by Rail

Ella is an energetic little village, buzzing with the ever-increasing demand for tourism, with visitors enthusiastically streaming in from all over the world. Primarily known as a destination for backpackers and seasoned travellers; families and couples with a culture vulture streak also appear to be frequenting this hill country hotspot.