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Alice is a UK based photographer, travelling regularly to Asia and beyond. Her mission is to use photography to celebrate diversity and empower people without the privilige to a voice of their own. Having visited the serendipitous island of Sri Lanka since 2004, she founded Style in Sri Lanka to spread the message of sustainable, conscious travel. Alice also works with international print publications including National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveller as a photographer and occassional writer.

10 Reasons Why Sri Lanka is the Perfect Foodie Destination

While Sri Lanka’s reputation as a tropical paradise attracts plenty of surfers and beachgoers alike, travelers – especially the particularly culinary-conscious – would be remiss not to indulge in the island’s diverse and delicious cuisine. Drawing from its multi-ethnic makeup, rich history, and abundance of fresh, flavorful ingredients, Sri Lanka’s food is as colourful and fascinating as the island itself. Read on to see SISL’s top 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is every foodie’s dream!

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel in Sri Lanka

Let me begin by saying that I’ve quite literally travelled all across Sri Lanka solo in every way you could possibly imagine. From cars, trains and buses, I have a lot of first hand experience as both a tourist and a resident. From my first solo trip 2 years ago (I travelled with family prior to this for over 13 years) to the guesthouse where I’m writing this in Jaffna, I have learnt so much between then and now.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Recipe by Galle Things Roti

Since opening just a few months ago, Galle Things Roti (by the Galle Fort Hotel) has already become one of my favourite Lankan foodie spots in the historic Fort. Despite most restaurants reducing the spice levels of local cuisine to become ‘tourist friendly’, this charming little restaurant has found the perfect balance of spice &…