Where to Indulge in Afternoon Tea in Sri Lanka

Embracing an essence of true colonial decadence, afternoon tea is an ever charming experience, offered at the most prestigious heritage hotels in Sri Lanka- ideal for culture hungry (or simply hungry!) globetrotters seeking a multi sensory experience.

Although no afternoon tea is complete without scones, sandwiches and tea, all hotels featured below offer these alongside other sweets and savouries, some of which incorporate Sri Lankan flavours and ingredients- a contemporary, fusion spin on an otherwise predominantly standard tradition in the UK.

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Afternoon tea for one at Galle Face Hotel

Entertaining guests since 1864, The Galle Face Hotel remains one of the most respected hotels in Colombo for consistency of innate style and ambience; hosting international service whilst embracing it’s remarkable heritage of days gone by.

Afternoon tea at the Galle Face hotel includes a refreshing glass of iced coffee, followed by the finest Ceylon tea, a plate of hot savouries and 3 plated tiers laden with tasty bites.

Highlights: The mini kohila burger (fibrous Sri Lankan vegetable) is a must try for it’s unique texture, flavour and fusion presentation. 

Mount Lavinia Hotel in Mount Lavinia


Afternoon tea for one at Mount Lavinia Hotel

One of the most prestigious historic hotels in Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia Hotel (in the suburbs of Colombo) hosts afternoon tea on their elegant terrace, overlooking the stretch of Mount Lavinia beach below.

The presentation is clean and minimal, with attentive waiters eager to assist. Its also an ideal spot to people watch and ‘zone out’ for the day amidst Colonial architectual beauty.

Highlights: The chocolate cake was divine and the mini carrot adorning the carrot cake (crafted by icing) was a stylish touch. 

Amangalla in Galle Fort


Afternoon tea for 2 at Amangalla

Built in 1684 during the Dutch rule of Ceylon; Amangalla -property of luxury hotelier Aman– invites modern comfort and impeccable service in true Colonial surround- a luxurious haven within the walls of Galle Fort.Their afternoon tea is beautifully presented, with a generous variety and array of flavours- everything I tasted was mouthwatering and exceptionally moreish.

Highlights: The Sri Lankan ‘short eat’ vegetable pastries and quiche were quite literally perfect and the strawberry jam one of the best I’ve ever tasted!


  1. Gosh that looks like a delightful afternoon tea.


  2. Wow, truly amazing. Afternoon Tea in Sri Lanka must be a lovely experience. It somewhat reminds me of the great Afternoon Tea I enjoyed in Kuala Lumpur (you can read about it here: http://traveluxblog.com/2014/10/11/special-afternoon-tea-at-the-majestic-hotel-kl/). Afternoon Tea in Asia is totally amazing and even better than in Europe 🙂


  3. You have great tips for Sri Lanka – places I’d love to visit myself!


  4. The High Tea offered by The Kingsbury at the Gourmet Station is always a really nice experience with a vast array of food.


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