Interview with Japanese Yogi & Manga Artist Yumi

Sometimes you meet people in life who instantaneously inspire you from their presence alone. Japanese yogi and manga artist Yumi has been based in Sri Lanka for over 10 years with her husband Waruna; the founder of Waruna Antiques and The Kandy Samadhi Centre. I met Yumi in the midst of the Kandian jungle at the centre, beaming with peace and calm where she teaches yoga and regularly visits during the weekend with their beautiful daughter.


I arranged a portrait session one morning; rays of sunlight peeking through the trees whilst Yumi skillfully meandered into postures. She kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions on how she maintains a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Japanese, married and have lived in Sri Lanka for 13 years. I am a Manga artist and yoga teacher.

When were you first introduced to yoga?

15 years ago.

How do you feel yoga and meditation has a positively influenced your life?

I became more simple and minimalist.

Do you have any advice for beginners wishing to practise yoga at the Samadhi Centre?

We do yoga to relax, no need to bend so hard and strain.

After yoga and meditation, we can feel, see and hear things very different. It’s like magic potion alongside nature for maximum benefit when practised at the Samadhi!

Do you have any other tips to stay in tip top health?

Good air, water, green juice, walking and concentration.

What do you love about Sri Lanka?

It’s safe. People are nice. Beautiful nature all around. Fruits and food are great. Less wastage. Not over developed but convenient.

What’s your life motto?

At the moment…”Simple and Minimal”


Published by

Alice Luker

Alice is a UK based travel blogger & professional travel photographer who has been venturing across Sri Lanka since 2004.

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